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Virtual Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Use Disorder

"Addiction Recovery Coach Online" (ARCO) is an initiative of the Ecolink Institute of  Well-being which is introduced to make recovery programs easily accessible, available and affordable before they progress into a very chronic stage. It is not a substitution to a residential rehabilitation program in the chronic stages of one’s addiction, but an early intervention to help people quit their habit before it becomes “unmanageable”.

The Ecolink Institute of Well-being is launching a “Virtual Therapy for persons with Alcohol and Drug Use Disorder” in order to make recovery programs “easily accessible, available and affordable”. One can safely stay at home and easily access this program at this time of pandemic and even thereafter.

The program is designed to suit the online platform, based on evidence-based practices and offered by certified addiction professionals who are trained on Universal Treatment Curriculum on Substance Use Disorder, developed and promoted by the  Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme.  Ecolink Institute is an approved Training Provider of the Colombo Plan which has trained nearly 150 addiction professionals from 16 countries in the Universal Treatment Curriculum on Substance Use Disorder.

What we offer:

We basically offer 5 packages for various targets:

  1. Early Recovery Package

  2. Relapse Prevention Package

  3. Family Recovery Package

  4. Women in Recovery Package

  5. Youth in Recovery Package

The general contents of the Program under each package:

  1. Screening and Assessment

  2. Psychiatric Consultation

  3. Psycho-Education Sessions (9 sessions)

  4. Group Counselling/group therapy sessions (6 sessions)

  5. Individual Counseling sessions (3 sessions)

  6. Initiation to 12 step self-help programs

  7. Follow up services

The fee structure:

  1. Rs. 7000 plus GST for the entire package for the 45 days therapy

(This does not include the psychiatric consultation and detoxification expenses)

  1. One can also opt for only psycho-education sessions for Rs. 3000 plus tax.


Who are the targets?

  1. Persons in early stages of addiction for Early Intervention package

  2. Persons who have undergone detoxification and are at the therapy stage

  3. Persons at their recovering stages after undergoing treatment at a rehab or part of AA/NA

  4. Family members of persons affected by SUD for Family Recovery Package

  5. Women affected by alcohol or drug use disorder, at their early stages

  6. Young people affected by alcohol or drug use disorder, at their early stages

Who are the therapists?

Our therapists are trained in Universal Treatment Curriculum on Substance Use Disorder, promoted by the Colombo Plan who are members of the International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP). The team is headed by ICAP certified addiction professionals and Recovery coaches from reputed rehabs in India and abroad.

Early Recovery Package:

The goal is to make therapy available and accessible to persons beginning to have problems with the alcohol or other substances. Online therapy will be more effective at the initial stages of addiction before they develop more complications. It works well for those who attend therapy after their psychiatric consultation and detoxification.


Stage 1: Screening & Assessment:

Those who register will undergo a scientific screening, assessment and brief intervention before their treatment package is determined. Persons at their entry-level will be assigned to a psychologist/ counsellor to screen and assess the level of the addiction problem and suggest the appropriate therapy.


Accordingly, those requiring medical detoxification will be referred to a psychiatrist or a medical doctor for detoxification before they are initiated to the therapeutic sessions.


Those at the early or mild stages are taken to the therapy directly in batches of 20 or less who will undergo individual counselling, psycho-education, group therapy and skills training for one-month coaching as Intensive Outpatient Treatment model.


Stage 2: Psychotherapy, including psycho-education, Group Therapy, Cognitive Behavior therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, and individual counselling.


The following topics are covered in the package:


Psycho-Education Sessions: (Based on Universal Treatment Curriculum)

1. Addiction as a disease

  • Definition of addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disease

  • Science of addiction

  • Clarifying myths about addiction


2. Stages and symptoms for SUD

  • Various phases in the addiction process

  • Recognizing addiction symptoms

  • Diagnoses of the disease syndromes


3. Is addiction a treatable disease and can they get cured?

  • Treatment for addiction works, if the person stays engaged in treatment

  • Like Diabetics, even addiction is not curable, but sobriety is possible

  • Whole person recovery is stressed in addiction treatment


4.       Recovery and Recovery management

  • Recovery is a process of change through abstinence, improved health, wellness and  quality of life

  • Recovery Capital and resource management for recovery


5.    Co-occurring mental & medical disorders and SUD

  • What are co-occurring disorders?

  • What are common mental and medical disorders that co-exist with SUD

  • How important is it to deal with co-occurring disorders while treating SUD


6.    Impacts of SUD among family members

  • How family members are affected by SUD in the family?

  • What is co-dependency and how we can deal with this?

  • How children cope up with the stress at home?

  • The importance of family therapy and involving family in SUD treatment?


7.    Relapse prevention

  • Identifying triggers for relapses

  • Identifying relapse warning signs

  • Dealing with Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, and feeling Tired (HALT)


8. Orientation to 12 Step programs

  • Initiation to Self Help Programs like AA/ NA/ Al-Anon, Al-Ateen, etc

  • 12 steps of AA/NA

  • Information on Self Help Meetings available online as well as face to face


9. Interactive session with a Psychiatrist on treatment, recovery and follow up.

  • A time to clarify doubts on Disulphiram and other Antabuse treatments, etc

  • Clarifications on Withdrawal issues and their management

  • Precautions to take if in case of Antabuse prescriptions, etc

  1. b: Topics to be covered for Group Therapy:

  1. How to boost our self-esteem and self-efficacy?

  2. How to overcome social stigma?

  3. Why do I want to quit drinking or drug use? (Decisional balancing exercise)

  4. How is my motivation level in readiness ruler? Am I prepared to change?

  5.   Improving coping and stress management skill

  6. Handling shame, guilt, depression, and anxiety

  7. How do I manage my Relationship issues with family?

  8. Relapse prevention & relapse management

  9. Identifying recovery capitals and Recovery management

  10. Time management for a lifestyle change


  1. Stay Home, Stay Safe and experience recovery

  2. Easily available and affordable

  3. Minimized risk of virus transmission during a pandemic

  4. More confidential and less stigmatized

  5. Easy to join from anywhere in the world.

  6. Get treated at home itself without taking a leave from job or business

  7. Based on the Universal Treatment curriculum on SUD management

  8. Availability of best services from qualified professionals

  9. Get connected to an online community of sober people

  10. Ongoing follow up services.

Not fit for:

  1. NOT fit for persons in their chronic stage with acute withdrawals or co-morbidities which require hospital care or residential rehab.

  2. Not fit for persons with significant mental co-occurring disorders

  3. The requirement for stable internet connection and devices.


Special Note: ARCO is an Intensive Out-patient Treatment Package for addiction management provided only at zoom virtual platform with live sessions, and it works perfectly for persons with early stages of addiction or those who join after their detoxification under a Psychiatrist. This program is not advisable for patients in their chronic stage with acute withdrawal syndromes and co-occurring disorders.

In Addiction, recovery is possible and treatment is workable. We can assist you in your recovery, but only YOU can guarantee its results.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The participants opting for the online therapy should take part in the entire sessions and take personal responsibility to stay sober.

  2. The fees should be paid in a lump sum or in two instalments.

  3. Online therapy is taxable under GST rules, which is charged extra.

  4. Participants will get a GST invoice/receipt for the amount paid by them.

  5. The fee paid will not be returned in case of discontinuation from the therapy

  6. Participants can continue the individual counselling by paying an additional fee.

  7. There is an option to take a “One Year Sobriety Management package” after the completion of the therapy, where a Recovery coach will be assigned for ongoing support and guidance.

  8. The Psychiatric consultation and the detoxification charges are not part of the therapy package.

  9. Participants joining the therapy will undergo a screening and assessment before designing the treatment course.

  10. Those requiring detoxification will be referred to a psychiatrist online or participants can consult a psychiatrist of their choice to do the detoxification.

  11. Detoxification is only the beginning of the treatment and attending the entire therapy is essential.

  12. Both the participants and the therapists should maintain confidentiality and avoid public discussion on the therapy outside.

  13. The treatment and therapy offered by the ARCO under the Ecolink Institute is evidence-based and comprehensive, based on the standards of the Universal Treatment Curriculum on Substance Use Disorder.

  14. However, participants with acute withdrawals, medical complications and co-occurring disorders are not fit for online therapy.

  15. The participants should have access to the internet and know the basics in managing their devices, as the entire therapy is offered through the zoom platform.

  16. It is essential that the participants remain in video mode for individual sessions and group therapies.

  17. Every participant will be assigned a Counsellor/ therapist for individual counselling and consultations during the period of therapy, according to the language preference of the participants.

  18. The therapy team will give professional guidance and therapy and each participant will also receive a participant manual with a narrative summary of psychoeducation sessions, and other important information.

  19. Like in any addiction recovery packages, ARCO cannot “guarantee” your sobriety and the only person who can guarantee is the participant himself or herself. 

  20. The Addiction Recovery Coach Therapy (ARCO) is not affiliated to any religious or political organizations and admission to the therapy is open to all who have a desire to quit alcohol or drug use disorder.


Happy Recovery!

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