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Ecolink is a centre for psychological wellness, counselling, education, and training, registered and based in the coastal city of Mangalore, Karnataka. It aims to promote a climate of positive mental health and well-being among people through a variety of programmes. Ecolink is an approved Training Provider by the Colombo Plan for imparting Universal Training Curricula (UTC) and Universal Prevention Curricula (UPC) for Substance Use Disorders.

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“​Excellent course with good content, trainers, qualified participants and a very accommodative host! Overall, the Universal Treatment Curriculum course online is a boon for me as it's not only extremely proficient content wise but also very accommodating to the present Covid crisis. The delivery of the course was uncompromising even though through the online portal. Thank you for making it a Reality!.”

—Anita Yazhini (Chennai)


"Very Much Insightful and practical knowledge, experienced faculty and learned participants."

— Ankit Kumar Singh (Goa)


"Course content is enriching and the resource persons did justice to the content. Begin and end on time, but also give extra time for Q&A. The class, mixed group, quality students, international members... This all gave a rich experience."

—Fr. Arun Lobo (Hassan)


UpCOMIng Universal Treatment Curriculum TRAINING PROGRAMS

Stories from around the Globe 

Anacleto Clent Banaay Jr, Cebu, Philippines

"The online UTC course gave me the opportunity to learn addiction management in a wider perspective ( international perspective).....

Tiara Ananda Putri


"The UTC course is amazing and helpfulwith a reliable and good resource team of experts taking sessions.  I can...

John A Smith

 Chiang Rai, Thailand

"I have found amazing benefit from the UTC training so far. The facilitators, the material and the presentation styles have been amazing...