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Terms and Conditions:

  1. The participants opting for the online therapy should take part in the entire sessions and take personal responsibility to stay sober.

  2. The fees should be paid in lump sum or in two installments.

  3. Online therapy is taxable under GST rules, which is charged extra.

  4. Participants will get a GST invoice/receipt for the amount paid by them.

  5. The fee paid will not be returned in case of discontinuation from the therapy

  6. Participants can continue the individual counseling by paying additional fee.

  7. There is an option to take a “One Year Sobriety Management package” after the completion of the therapy, where a Recovery coach will be assigned for ongoing support and guidance.

  8. The Psychiatric consultation and the detoxification charges are not part of the therapy package.

  9. Participants joining the therapy will undergo a screening and assessment before designing the treatment course.

  10. Those requiring detoxification will be referred to a psychiatrist online or participants can consult a psychiatrist of their choice to do the detoxification.

  11. Detoxification is only the beginning of the treatment and attending the entire therapy is essential.

  12. Both the participants and the therapists should maintain confidentiality and avoid public discussion on the therapy outside.

  13. The treatment and therapy offered by the ARCO under the Ecolink Institute is evidence based and comprehensive, based on the standards of Universal Treatment Curriculum on Substance Use Disorder.

  14. However, participants with acute withdrawals, medical complications and co-occurring disorders are not fit for online therapy.

  15. The participants should have access to internet and know basics in managing their devises, as the entire therapy is offered through the zoom platform.

  16. It is essential that the participants remain in video mode for individual sessions and group therapies.

  17. Every participant will be assigned a Counsellor/ therapist for individual counselling and consultations during the period of therapy, according to the language preference of the participants.

  18. The therapy team will give professional guidance and therapy and each participant will also receive a participant manual with a narrative summary of psycho education sessions, and other important information.

  19. Like in any addiction recovery packages, ARCO cannot “guarantee” your sobriety and the only person who can guarantee is the participant himself or herself. 

  20. The Addiction Recovery Coach Therapy (ARCO) is not affiliated to any religious or political organizations and admission to the therapy is open to all who have a desire to quit alcohol or drug use disorder.


Happy Recovery!

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