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Experience recovery and rejuvenation at the comfort of Nature, Indian Yoga & Ayurveda with personalized care… Make your Recovery journey an enjoyable retreat in ancient India!

& become a Certified “Recovery Coach”

Situated at the Pilikula national park with spectacular views on a mountain top, overlooking the Phalguni River, golf grounds and a lakeside park, this serine, silent and  spacious land of greens and meadows, just 15 minutes’ drive from the Mangalore airport awaits you...



The “Ecolink Recovery Sustenance and Relapse Prevention Camp” is a unique combination of experiencing a qualitative recovery for oneself and training to be a ‘Recovery Coach. Every person who graduates from our recovery program, not only achieves sustained and qualitative recovery with wellness and fitness but also gets trained in “Recovery Coaching”, based on an international syllabus developed by the Colombo Plan and the US Department of State. The certificate course will empower the participant to be an employable Recovery Coach with an International Certification

In this camp we will cover

Who shall fit into the camp?

  • Those who have undergone rehab and struggling to maintain qualitative recovery

  • Those who have undergone detoxification and requiring further  addiction therapy

  • Those who are sober, but facing co-occurring mental disorders

  • Those who value a qualitative and happy life throughout sober life

  • Those who want to become a Certified Recovery Coach.

Components of the Recovery Camp:

  1. Medical management: (Pharmacotherapy)

The recovery program of Ecolink is a combination of modern allopathic and ancient Ayurveda in Indian tradition. Though Ecolink expects the candidates already undergone detoxification before traveling to India, our medical officer Dr. Kiran Kumar P.K, Psychiatrist, Associate Professor, A.J.Medical college will carry out medical and psychiatric evaluation and pharmacotherapy. This will also take care of any co-occurring disorders.  A medical team will continue to assist with a weekly consultation for each participant.

  1. Therapy Management:

Our therapy team, headed by the Director of the Institute, Dr. Thomas Scaria and chief therapist Ms. Aditi Ghanekar  with their over 30 years of clinical experience will carry out an initial evaluation of the participants and will plan an individualistic strategy for everyone through assessment and treatment planning. The therapy is aimed at making the recovery process an enjoyable experience which will not only use the Motivational Interviewing, CBT, REBT, Recovery coaching, Art therapy, etc, but also Indian system of healing like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. A fitness trainer will ensure that every individual also reactivate their body and mind towards wellness. Magnetic therapy will be an additional feature of the recovery camp.

  1. Yoga therapy:

The recovery program of the Ecolink has a significant role in yoga therapy which will not only teach you some yoga practice with relevant Asanas (postures), but also offer you an individualized therapy based on your requirements. Every morning begins with a yoga practice and meditation followed by relaxation techniques and therapy.

  1. Ayurveda:

Ancient Indian system of Ayurveda will be also an integral part of the Recovery camp, where a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor will be available for consultation once in a week. Ayurveda has a significant place in wellness and mental health and an approved system of healing in India.


  1. Fitness training:

Fitness and wellness are important components of the recovery camp, where a fitness guide will be available to guide you on a daily basis. The recovery camp is situated in a 15 acre land which has ample scope for outdoor activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and outdoor games. A shuttle court is attached to the accommodation venue as well as some workout amenities.

  1. Ecotherapy:

Linking Ecology with the healing process is one of the mottos of Ecolink. Planting a ‘Recovery tree’ and nurturing it as you grow in recovery will be a unique eco therapy integrated to the holistic healing process in the camp. Every participant will plant a sapling  at the botanical garden complex in the beginning of your recovery camp, which you will take care with utmost care on a daily basis as part of your therapy, observing all its growth and taking pride in it. This will symbolizes a new birth in recovery and the care it requires for a balanced recovery process. Ecolink will take care of your tree once you complete the camp and returns, and review its growth as we sit for follow up sessions. 

  1. Art Therapy:

Art therapy is a distinct discipline that incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media. Art therapy, as a creative arts therapy profession, originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy and may vary in definition. There are three main ways that art therapy is employed. Trained therapist, Reshma Mallick will administer Art therapy with special focus on relapse prevention

  1. Excursions:

One of the components of the camp is excursions and leisure trips to various local destinations like beaches, KAYAKING, hilltop tourist centers, model farms, temples and churches to get a glimpse of Indian culture. Weekends will be used for such visits, which is part of the therapy. In addition, some therapy sessions will be held at the lake side garden, and other aesthetic locations of the 90 acre Botanical garden.

Sun-set cultural events:

The camp will also consist of experiencing cultural evenings with various art forms identical to India and particularly to the coastal culture, including Indian music, instrumentals, bhajans, dances and various cultural programs from various institutions and clubs.


Certificate course on Recovery Coaching (RC) & Peer Counseling:

One component of the Recovery camp is to develop capacity for each participant to function as a Recovery Coach as they complete the recovery experience in India. This is done with training participants with a certificate program on Recovery Coaching and Peer counseling skills based on the Colombo plan’s global syllabus on Recovery Coaching. The resource team will be those certified by the Colombo plan attached to the Ecolink Institute of Well-being.


International Recovery Celebrations:

The last day of the event will be dedicated to a day of Recovery celebrations with recovering people and their family members joining for a public celebration of sobriety at Manasa water park culminated by a colorful evening of sobriety and recovery. The recovery camp will end with a huge gathering of recovering people from India and internationals joining together Recovery celebrations with testimonials, expert sessions, count down, recognition of sobriety, music party , etc.

The Venue of the camp:


The camp site is in the Manasa cottages, which is part of the Manasa Water Park and Pilikula Botanical garden, a 90 acre land filled with hundreds of varieties of flowering plants and medicinal plants, besides ample space for relaxation. The Pilikula Nisarga Dhama Society has developed this area to offer scenic beauty and peace. Pilikula has a huge lake encircled by gardens.

Duration of the Camp: 25 days (with options for extension)

Admission procedures:


  • A person willing to undergo the recovery program in India first registers in our portal by filling a simple application form with a screening test. Upon receipt of the application, our admission counsellor will get in touch with the person and give a brief orientation about the Recovery camp and the certificate training as well as conduct a screening evaluation. This will be conducted online through the Zoom platform.


  • The medical and therapy team of the Ecolink will evaluate the application and the screening result and will send an acceptance or regret letter with the details of further actions.


  • Those who receive the acceptance letter will need to make an advance payment as deposit to ensure admission to the program, which is minimum USD 1000, which will be acknowledged with a receipt from Ecolink. There will be only 20 seats available to the camp and the certificate training.


  • The camp is scheduled to be held from 15 January 2023 in Mangalore, India. The duration of the recovery camp is for 25 days including the training and Recovery Day celebrations. The last two days will be set for an international convention on recovery and recovery celebrations.


  • The participant must make own arrangements for the flight tickets to Mangalore International Airport and Indian visa. The visa can be obtained either as a medical visa, conference visa or tourist visa whichever is applicable and easier. Since we categories this program also under the medical tourism, even a tourist visa could be valid.


  • It is essential that the participant undergo the detoxification process prior to travelling to India or present a medical certificate of fitness in advance. This is important as the journey involves long hours and we need you to reach us without hassles.


  • Possessing any drugs during travel is an offence which could be severely punishable by the law of the land at any point of travel and Ecolink will not be responsible in any way, if such an incident occurs. As per our policy, participants are not permitted to bring duty free alcohol too.

The Fees:

USD 3300 (All inclusive) for 25 days of camp and training (for double occupancy AC rooms)

USD 4,200 (All inclusive) for single occupancy AC rooms

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Background of Ecolink Institute:

Ecolink Institute is a centre for psychological wellness, counselling, recovery, education, and training, registered and based in the coastal city of Mangalore, India. It runs a SUD recovery program at international standards with a certificate course in Recovery Coaching managed by well-trained therapists and trainers.

Ecolink is an approved Training Provider by the Colombo Plan for imparting Universal Training Curricula (UTC) and Universal Prevention Curricula (UPC) for Substance Use Disorders and an International award winner from ISSUP Global for its “Excellence in Education Provision”. Link movement was initiated by Dr.Thomas Scaria in 1991 as a students movement against drugs, and later registered as a society. It has been running a recovery home ever since and also the Spandana award winner from Indian Psychiatric Society for developing an evidence based community based Recovery camps.

Contact:, phone: +919448327209, +918073168164

Ecolink recovery Homes, Christa Jyothi, Bejai-Kapikad, Mangalore, India- 575004