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Ecolink Recovery
Rejuvenation Camp

with Certificate Course on

Recovery Coach & Relapse prevention

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Holistic therapy for recovery and wellness whilst preparing you as a "Recovery Coach". 

Experience recovery and rejuvenation at the comfort of Nature, Indian Yoga & Ayurveda with personalized care… Make your Recovery journey an enjoyable retreat in India!

Situated at the Pilikula national park with spectacular views on a mountain top, overlooking the Phalguni River, golf grounds and a lakeside park, Ecolink camp site gives an excellent ambience for “Recovery & Rejuvenation”.  


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The “Ecolink Recovery Rejuvenation and Relapse Prevention Camp” is a unique combination of therapy and training. Every person who undergo our recovery program also get trained in “Recovery Coaching”, based on an international syllabus developed by the Colombo Plan and the US Department of State. The certificate course by globally certified trainers will empower the participant to be an employable Recovery Coach with an International certification and a membership in a global pool of addiction professionals.

Our Vision 

Accompanying persons in Addiction recovery towards wellness and well-being through recovery rejuvenation camps 

Our Mission

Making recovery support programs available, accessible and affordable at physical settings through specialized “Recovery rejuvenation camps”  linking recovery with wellness & well-being, and preparing “Persons in Recovery as Coaches in Recovery” for self-help and mutual-help.  


"Substance Use Disorder is a Chronic, relapsing brain disease which requires a life-long commitment to stay sober and lead a qualitative life. Residential treatment or a short term rehab is only the first step towards a long journey which requires time to time refresher programs to keep energized, rejuvenated and focused."


Ecolink Recovery Rejuvenation camp is a unique program in this direction which has the following components: 

  1. Making recovery an enjoyable & meaningful process 

  2. Promotion of recovery on multiple levels 

  3. Knowledge and basic skills to identify and manage relapse triggers  

  4. Strategies to help individuals develop healthy coping skills  

  5. Ways to manage recovery through an individual, family and community approach  

  6. Identify manage triggers that can lead to craving, lapse or relapse 

  7. Know about how lapses and relapses can be prevented 

  8. A comprehensive wellness package with Indian system of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda 

  9. Enhanced physical, psychological, interpersonal, occupational, and spiritual health 

In this camp we will cover

Dates and Venue of the Program: 

  • The Recovery Camp is from 15 - 22 February, 2023 

  • Training on Recovery Coaching, 23-26 February, 2023 

  • International Recovery Symposium, 27 February, 2023 

Venue: Manasa Cottages, Pilikula/ Hotel Gateway, Mangalore, India 

Duration of the Camp: 15 days (with options for extension) 

The Fees:

USD 2200 (All inclusive) for 15 days of camp and training (for double occupancy AC rooms)

USD 3300 (All inclusive) for single occupancy AC rooms

​Who shall fit into the camp:   

  • Those who value a refresher program to rejuvenate their recovery process.  

  • Those who have undergone detoxification and requiring further  addiction therapy 

  • Those who are sober, but facing some co-occurring mental disorders 

  • Those who want to become a Certified Recovery Coach. 

Components of the Recovery Camp:

Therapy Management

Our therapy team is one of the best in India with all ICAP certified therapists with over 20 years of experience, headed by Ms. Aditi Ghanekar and team.  The therapy is aimed at making the recovery process an enjoyable experience which will not only use the Motivational Interviewing, CBT, REBT, Recovery coaching, Art therapy, etc.


International Recovery Symposium & Recovery Celebrations: 

The last day of the event will be dedicated to a day of Recovery celebrations with recovering people and their family members joining for a public celebration of sobriety, culminated by a colorful evening of sobriety and recovery. The recovery camp will end with testimonials, expert sessions, count down, recognition of sobriety, music party , etc. 

The Venue of the camp:  

The camp site is in the Manasa cottages, which is part of the Manasa water park and Pilikula Botanical garden, a 90 acre land filled with hundreds of varieties of flowering plants and medicinal plants, besides ample space for relaxation. The Pilikula Nisarga Dhama Society has developed this area to offer scenic beauty and peace. Pilikula has a huge lake encircled by gardens.  

Duration of the Camp: 15 days (with options for extension) 


The Group work themes for camp days: 

1. Discover the goodness in you, & discover the goodness in others (goodness is your positive strengths) 

2. Identify the recovery capitals within you, with your surroundings and use them for a happy recovery. 

3. Develop your self-esteem & self-worth, and increase your mileage, purpose and accomplishment  

4. Identify the triggers & relapse warning signs, and learn to manage them from each other’s experience 

5. Look towards nature, astonish about its beauty, harmony and purpose, and draw inspirations from them (eco-therapy) 

6. Show up your talents, leadership qualities, and feel good for yourself 

7. Rejuvenate your journey from sobriety to celebration & self-help to mutual help 

8. Certificate course on Recovery Coaching 

9. Recovery celebration with a count- down dinner 

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